• “My first experience picking grapes was helping my parents harvest concords from an overgrown vine in my grandmother’s backyard.  We picked a washtub full of dark purple grapes that ran up a makeshift trellis and into a maple tree.  My job was climbing the tree to pick the grapes.

    Years later, my grandmother’s vine was used to plant my very own row of vines in my back yard, sparking a dream that is now a reality.”

    – Bill Sanderson, founder


Sanderson Family Farm grows 20-acres of grapes on their ninety acre farm in the rolling hills of northwest Tennessee.

Among the vines are peach, apple and pear orchards, as well as blackberry and blueberry brambles for fruit wines.


White Squirrel Winery & Vineyard is located in Kenton, TN,  home to the largest concentration of white squirrels in North America.

No one knows where they come from, but we are proud they choose Kenton as their home.