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We have just completed our 3rd wine glass painting workshop and we had so much fun! Come join us for our 4th wine glass painting class July 9th, taught by professional artist and art teacher Marjie Sanderson. The theme of this class is “Grapes Galore”! (The same theme as the June 25th class in case anyone attending the June class wants to paint another for a set, or if anyone missed the June class! We’ll be offering another theme shortly after and we’ll post info soon.) “Grapes Galore” is a fitting theme for a painting class in the vineyard tasting room. We will supply all of your tools and materials, 1 glass of White Squirrel wine of your choice, and light hors d’oeuvres made by Bill Sanderson. Our last classes have been so much fun and the talent exhibited was amazing. You do not have to have any experience with painting, and you will learn some new techniques even if you do. We do not all leave with the same exact image as is the case for some painting classes. That is what makes these workshops unique and exciting. Marjie will be on hand to give you tips and instruction when needed as well. We will have another glass painting class very soon, so look for that info.
We look forward to seeing you here, it’s great fun to paint together!
To register, call (731) 796-1713 or email

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IMG_3601Painted Grapes on glass_#4

White Squirrel Winery’s music dates are set for 2015 and we have some great musicians lined up. Enjoy delightful free live music in the vineyard, surrounded by the beauty of the grapevines. Sip on your favorite White Squirrel wines, artisan cheese and sausages too. We have specialty foods and drinks at some events. Gather your friends for a fun outing. We may add some other special music events so look for those posted on our website and facebook page. See you soon for some music!

Music in the Vines2015

Come relax and celebrate Independence Day with free live music at White Squirrel Winery. Listen to the live music of the Chad Karnes duo from 5-8pm and order up a pitcher of frozen “Wine-A-Ritas” to eat with hot dogs, artisan cheese, sausage and crackers. You can stop by Kenton’s “White Squirrel Festival” to see their car show and vendors beforehand and after our music, you can see Kenton’s fireworks at 8:30 pm. You can see them right from the vineyard or downtown Kenton at the Kenton gym. Happy July 4th all!

*Note that our hours for this event are later than usual business hours. We will still be open for our regular business hours too.

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Chad Karnes-closeup