Why are White Squirrel wines so crisp, so clear, so sparkly, so good?
We use a filtration system called “crossflow”. There are only a couple wineries in Tennessee but more and more wineries across the country are using this new technology and we feel this sets us apart. The crossflow technology has been around for many years, but only within the past few years has this system been used in the wine industry.

During the filtration process, under pressure, wine is forced through a ceramic filter. Clean wine exits into a clean tank and cloudy wine continues to be filtered. By using crossflow we avoid using harsh chemicals and avoid discharging excessive cloudy wine; we have less waste, cleaner wine and less chance of refermentation.

Wine customers don’t compare our wine to other Tennessee Wineries. They compare our wine to California Wine and European Wine. When our wine is on the shelf of your local WalMart or liquor store we are in the shark-tank and we are hoping for a repeat purchase. So, even though the cost of a new crossflow prohibits many wineries from upgrading to the newest, best filtration system… we felt there was no other option. With my 35-years of retail experience, the one lesson I have come to know as the most important and enduring: for long term success, it’s all about repeat sales.